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Party of We Profiles
Party of We uses three levels for participants — We Experts, We Pros, and We People.
We Expert
We Experts may post of up to 3,000 words in the form of We Articles and up to 1,000 characters as We Bits. We will try to accommodate longer We Articles when possible.  We Experts also enjoy the fullest profile view possible including photos, awards, achievements and accreditations. We Experts may not be anonymous. If you want to become a We Expert, please contact us for more information. We Experts are chosen by the Party Of We based upon evidence of thoughtful and thought provoking leadership, insight, and scholarship and are expected to contribute frequently, although not necessarily on a regular schedule.

We Pros
When a member has posted at least 50 independent comments, they may qualify to be a We Pro and may be invited or apply to become a We Pro.   If you want to apply to be a We Pro, please contact us for more information.  We Pros have the ability to post 600 characters on We Bits as well as have a more complete profile. Designation as a We Pro is subject to the discretion of the Party of We based upon review of prior postings for thoughtfulness and responsiveness to issues and conversations. We Pros must register with their full identity but may choose to be identifiable or anonymous to visitors to the site.

We People
We People are the entry level members of the Party of We, and can post up to 140 characters for response and comment. We People are the true voice of the Party of We, and allow any and all to share thoughts, read articles and delve into topics. We People must register but may be anonymous to visitors to the site.