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The Next Gun to the Head of Small Business

As the U.S. Congress is trying to lift barriers to entry and excessive regulations that burden small business owners, the ICANN juggernaut to increase those costs goes on virtually unimpeded.  While Congress continues to debate the issues, I recently wrote an Op Ed for the Wall Street Journal on why ICANN’s plans for new top-level domains to compete with .com, .org, and .net will hurt small business at least as badly as all the ill-advised regulations that currently plague the economy.  While I can’t be sure, I imagine some members of Congress read the WSJ and might want to pay attention to the dialog.  In a “point-counterpoint” format, the accompanying column supporting ICANN, not surprisingly, is by a consultant, and former ICANN Chief Financial Officer, whose company — Wise Dots LLC – will do just fine with all the domains that may soon be for sale.  If ICANN succeeds, business owners of every size better get out their checkbooks and prepare to pay more to domain name sellers, web consultants, and trademark lawyers (who all probably hate me now for trying to kill the Golden Goose) in exchange for little, if any, ROI.  And I mean a lot more.

Doug Wood, We Expert

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