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Al Gore is a Hacker

You have to wonder if Al Gore has anyone review his speeches before he makes them.  Or maybe he still thinks he invented the Internet.  Regardless, I couldn’t help smile at all the coverage in the blogs on Gore’s speech at SXSW this week with the headlines, “Gore Says Democracy Has Been Hacked.”

As usual, the headlines really took what he said out of context, but that’s what most headlines do anyway.  Just look at the one for this post!  I seriously doubt Gore would know a source code from an area code.

What Gore did say that was interesting is the call to arms for “Occupy Democracy” and to “change the democratic conversation.”  That’s precisely what the Party of We is all about.  The conversations, the insights and the freedom.  He even called it a “wiki-democracy”.  As savvy readers know, “wiki” means fast.  A fast and responsive democracy.  That can only happen when the community can unite quickly and efficiently.  And they do that every day in the digital world in which we now live our daily lives.  But perhaps the most profound statement came when he observed that change will not come from within the political system.  It will come from you and me — the We.   Gore sure got that right.  I hope the rest of the world’s politicians were listening.

Doug Wood, We Expert

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