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Piracy, Part II

The recent post by Peter Roff is a must read for Internet mavens attuned to the issues surrounding intellectual property protection and the scourge of pirates that undermine the fabric of creative protection.

As I posted last week, piracy on the Internet is rampant.  While the White House is trying to address the issue, Congress, as is all too typical today, stands by mute, doing virtually nothing to address the problems.  While the President can influence policy, unless Congress addresses the legislative issues, particularly on a global basis, the solutions will never be found.

But is our Congress capable of improving the situation or are they too mired in their partisan politics to prioritize what is needed?  If fear the latter is the case.

Journalists like Peter Roff have it right.  Congress must act.  But you and I must also act and condemn the pirates.  We must not tolerate counterfeit goods or illegal downloads.  Intellectual property is a key element to the U.S. economy and a major contributor to our quality of life.  In the global marketplace, intellectual property is perhaps the only industry where we still lead the world.  If piracy continues unabated, that leadership will erode and possibly end.  That would be disastrous.

Speak up.  Write to Congress.  Demand that they act responsibly and stop their bickering while we watch our economy burn.  Even Nero might not fiddle with this fire blazes!

We Expert Doug Wood

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