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Uganda’s Tragedy in the Spotlight

In the past few days, a video posted by Invisible Children, a U.S. based non-government organization, documenting the criminal activities of Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, has sparked a major debate that is spreading throughout the world.  According to Invisible Children, Kony and the LRA are abducting young boys to fight as soldiers and girls for sexual enslavement.  In fact, that tragedy has been happening for years.  On release of the video, the Twitter and blogging ecosphere exploded and gave a new voice to a global community outraged by the horror being perpetrated by Kony.  Musa Okwonga, a reporter for the Independent, wrote an excellent article on the complex situation where everyone agrees that Kony must be stopped but disagree on the tactics used by Invisible Children and by whom and how some of the messages are delivered.  Okwonga’s article, together with coverage in the Washington Post, are fascinating examples of how the digital community can create and unite behind a global cause largely ignored in the past and perhaps bring much needed change even if there is disagreement among them.  But the real tragedy is that Kony and the LRA are yet another example of the World ignoring autrocities and genocide in Africa until their horror is brought to our home screens.  Will the world allow this to continue?  As Okwonga reports, the United States provided 100 troops to advise those opposing Kony.  It’s unclear if any other country offered support.  Could anything be more pathetic?

Doug Wood, We Expert

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