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How important is social media in today’s world?

Facebook is introducing an app that is meant for people with weak internet connections. Hopefully, it will be used to facilitate important discussions rather than pointless arguments. 

Facebook cares about users with spotty connections
PCWorld reported that Facebook is testing a stripped down version of its smartphone app that requires less data. The purpose behind the project is to see if the new product could help increase usage of the company's social networking service in places with weak Internet connections.

Facebook's lighter app will available for devices running Android 2.2 and higher. Meant for 2G networks, the free app is only 252 kilobytes. Users will still be able to perform basic functions like post status updates, upload photos and receive notifications. Early reviews on the Google Play store have been positive. The company also launched the app in parts of Africa and Asia, where it may be well-received.

The recent move by the Internet company shows that social media is increasingly seen as a necessity in life -  not an option. Helping to ensure that Internet users with weak Internet connections have connectivity could mean that people who live under oppressive regimes around the world will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and be heard. However, there are also less important uses for social media.

People use Twitter to complain about things that don't really matter
EOnline reported that Twitter users were quite upset with the Miss Universe decision to crown Miss Colombia Paulina Vega instead of Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell. Several theories circulated social media regarding why Fennell was not granted the title, instead of her fellow contestant. Miss Universe is owned by Donald Trump and has seen its fair share of controversy lately, but this recent decision seems to have resulted in a particularly emotional reaction from viewers.

It is unlikely that arguing about the results of the Miss Universe contest is what Facebook's new app is meant to facilitate. The app, according to PCWorld, is more likely related to Facebook's project, which will provide free access to the company's site as well as other basic Internet services in developing countries. is already available in countries like Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia. Hopefully, people will use technology companies' gift of access to basic online services for good rather than mundane purposes. In a world sorely in need of truth, Facebook's new app may help inspire revolutions. Of course, it may also end up being used to argue over which beauty queen is prettier.

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