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Facebook updates privacy policy to earn user trust

Facebook recently introduced its new privacy tool Privacy Basics to the social networking site. This tool shows users how to control what they would like to share on the site and filter who can see it.

Changes to the privacy policy
Facebook also made changes to its privacy policy, making it much shorter as a result. The old policy was 9,000 words, whereas the new one is only 2,700 according to Zacks. Key points in the policy have been highlighted in colors in order to make them stand out. Some argued that the old policy was too long and complicated for what it tried to express.

Facebook invites users to comment on the newly launched policy up until Nov. 20. Thirty days after that point, the final version of the policy will become official. The intention behind the newly developed tutorial tool is to help users understand their membership conditions before they accept them and help foster a sense of security.

Facebook makes use of people's personal information on its site as well as trend data from its various apps to direct their targeting advertising programs. In the third quarter, the company reported advertising revenue climbed 63 percent over the previous year to $2.94 billion, according to Zacks.  

In recent news, Facebook has been accused of sharing personal information with outsiders without the consent of its users. In an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, signed in 2011, it is required to ask users their permission before changing the ways in which personal information is collected, stored and used.

Low levels of trust
Despite the assurances by the company that user information is safe, many are skeptical. Some people believe the recent move by the company to change the privacy policy is simply a way to pacify angry users and earn their trust.

A Pew Research report found that approximately 91 percent of Americans feel that they have lost control over how their personal information is collected, and 80 percent expressed worries over sharing their personal information on social networking sites. With such low levels of consumer confidence, it is not surprising that Facebook chose to update its privacy policy now. 

Social networks like Facebook are always in the process of improving features and apps, which shows their dedication to make the user experience enjoyable and earn long-term loyalty. The company is constantly adding new apps and tools that appeal to a wide variety of users.

In addition to the launch of Facebook Privacy Basics, available in 36 languages, the social media site has also refurbished its data policy, making it easier to understand, reported Investor Place.

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