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How online surveillance could hurt could computing

One of the foremost authorities on the Internet has come out and said that the surveillance programs that numerous governments like the United States have enacted could hurt a number of services including cloud computing.

When the news came out about the invasive government surveillance programs that were being carried out about law abiding citizens, many people throughout the world were shocked and concerned about what this meant for their personal information online. People use the Internet for a variety of reasons, especially to communicate.

One such application that has emerged with the online revolution is cloud computing, which is the idea that multiple users from a variety of locations can all access the same content from a variety of different locations. This has been able to help people become more collaborative in a number of fields from academic research, computer science projects, to artistic cooperation. Because the information that contributes to these projects is stored "on the cloud," this makes it easy to access for a number of parties – including the government.

Wikipedia speaks out
Jimmy Wales, the founder of the free online encyclopedia, recently spoke an IT event in Norway and spoke with reporters afterward. He told them that programs like the ones the National Security Administration enacted, could be a huge detriment to the cloud computing industry, according to Reuters.

By having data made available in countries where these kinds of programs are active, companies could potentially risk their information being accessed by unwanted parties.

Applications that use this kind of technology range from web-based email to business software that can be remotely accessed.

Hurt more than help?
One of the major justifications for these kinds of programs has been to help defend the nation against cyberattacks, however with industries such as cloud computing suffering as a result of them, the economy as a whole could suffer.

According to the Sungardas blog, cloud computing can help improve against infrastructures without large capitol expenditures and improve company efficiency without having to use too much equipment.

At the end of the day, cloud computing and other internet capabilities allow users from around the world to access information. Websites, such as Wikipedia, have been built on this principle. So with users growing wary of using these online capabilities, the Internet as a whole suffers. For this reason it is important that online activists remain vocal about these invasive programs so as to preserve the validity of the internet and the economy.

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