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Madonna and BitTorrent make odd pair to advocate free speech

The music industry and "torrenting" have long been seen as adversaries, which is why the some of the biggest names in both industries make for an interesting pair.

Since the days of Napster, pirating and copyright infringement have long been in conflict with one another. On the one hand, some have felt that music should be free to everyone, while others feel that the taking of songs, or any other form of copyrighted content is the equivalent of stealing. This debate has been at the center of much of the digital world as platforms such as YouTube and Spotify have made these kinds of issues increasingly complicated.

One major form of copyright infringement has come in the form of pirating content, in which users download the content for free. One of the most common ways to do this has been through the downloading of torrents, and among the most platforms that has enabled this is BitTorrent.

The odd couple?
This is why a recent partnership between pop superstar Madonna and the content sharing company is so surprising. The two have come together to collaborate on project that seeks to promote freedom of speech on the internet.

Madonna has chosen the platform to help distribute her short film entitled, "secretprojectrevolution," which will be made free to those who have registered with the platform later in September, according to Variety. The release of the video is to promote freedom of speech across the internet, through her Art for Freedom initiative, which will be hosted by Vice Media.

The project will be a sort of online platform in which users are encourage to contribute their own video, poetry, photography and music with the idea that it will help encourage freedom of expression throughout the world.

BitTorrent changing reputation
The choice to partner with the file transferring company is an interesting one as the company has been doing a lot as of late to change its reputation. While it used to be that the platform was a haven for pirating, more people are beginning to work with the company for legal means.

Billboard reports that the company will be offering a bundle format and payment program that would make much of the content available through BitTorrent legal. Options to purchase content and provide producers who choose to provide their content for free with information about those who download their material are among some of the changes that the company plans to implement over the coming years. It will be interesting to see how this new partnership plays out. Does it mark a victory for free expression, or is it business as usual, just with a new mask?

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