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Esteemed Chinese professor fired for political stance

A well-regarded Chinese professor has been let go from Peking University amid suspicions of government crackdowns against political dissidents.

One of the major criticisms of the Chinese government is that its single party rule is quite limiting in terms of democracy and open discussions about where people believe the country should be progressing. The Communist party is firmly in charge of the world's most populous country and as such, many feel that it is not willing to relinquish its power.

New president's recent campaigns
The Washington Post reports that President Xi Jinping has been instituting some very limiting policies since becoming head of the party. When he first came to power, many were optimistic that he would be able to bring about some societal reforms, however, many are finding that this is not the case.

The news source explains that one of the major campaigns that Xi has undertaken is a crackdown on political dissent and freedom of speech over the internet and on social media. This includes popular bloggers, such as Ai Wei Wei, and businessmen who have been arrested and publicly humiliated, leading The Post to make comparisons to the years when Mao was in power.

Professor is fired
The results of this campaign can be seen in the recent firing of a professor from Peking University's school of economics, according to the Guardian. Xia Yeliang had been an associate professor at the school since 2002 until he was notified in October that his contract would not be renewed.

The news source reports that the faculty committee for the school voted 30-3 to have him fired for poor teaching, explaining that he was responsible for 340 student complaints dating back to 2006.

While these have been the cited reasons for Xia's departure, others feel that his actions outside of the classroom were the major reasons. He has been an outspoken critic for the country's single-party government and active blogger on these issues. In 2008, he helped Liu Xiaobo, an imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize laureate, compose the Charter 08, which was a petition that called for widespread reforms of the government.

These actions fall right inline with the campaign that the Washington Post reports the new president has been enacting. This provides a bleak picture for the potential of government reforms in the country. As the voices of government critics continue to be silenced, one has to wonder if the potential of a multiparty government can truly be realized under the current President.

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