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Hidden truths are nothing new

While it may seem as though a new conspiracy or act of government anti-transparency is hitting the news every day, and more rapidly than ever before, incidents have been kept from the public eye for centuries. If anything, new advances in communications technology have only lowered the effectiveness of shadowy government undertaking in recent years. 

The Internet has allowed individuals to exchange information far more quickly than can be contained by any entity, which is likely one of the biggest reasons why the U.S. government has increased efforts to get a better handle on the web. One of the best examples of a cover-up occurred 66 years ago today in Roswell, N.M.

UFOs, yes, UFOs
Today marks the 66th anniversary of the Roswell, N.M., incident, in which some reports have indicated that an alien spacecraft crash landed in the Southwestern United States. While many would argue that you're either a believe or you're not a believer, enough rummaging through the periodicals would indicate that there is at least enough information out there to take another look.

For one, why would Google dedicate its highly prolific "doodle" to the incident's anniversary if there wasn't any indication that U.S. Air Force officials did not find the crashed alien craft and its pilot? Though that might be purely circumstantial, a quick Google search would show just how many members of the government have confirmed that the incident actually took place.

For example, USA Today reported last year that a former Central Intelligence Agency operative, Chase Brandon, had spoken to the Daily Mail about Roswell's validity. According to the source, the man worked for the CIA for three and a half decades, told news personnel that he had rummaged through documents and found that there were in fact records of alien entities being kept in the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

Brandon was one of many CIA and Air Force members to come out and discuss the validity of Roswell following retirement.

UFO, so what?
While some individuals would simply not care if the Roswell incident really occurred or not, the confusion and lack of clarity coming from the government should serve as an indication of just how much information is kept from the general public. If one of the biggest answers in the history of mankind – are we alone – is not allowed to be known, what simpler, but still important, truths are yet to be disclosed?

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