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Promises Made; Promises Never Met

Looks like ICANN is back to its old tricks — seeking comments on age old issues it has ignored in the past so it can claim it reached out to stakeholders to find consensus. Click here for their latest schedule for comment submissions on issues that have plagued the Internet under ICANN’s watch for years. When will the Internet community wake up and realize that ICANN has no intention of changing anything or of answering the countless questions it has been ignoring since CRIDO started applying pressure for true transparency, not the mockery ICANN has made of disclosure? It’s also interesting to note the very short time it has allowed for comments on defensive registrations, an issue that concerns many stakeholders and one which the NTIA has insisted ICANN address. One can only wonder if ICANN is sincere in placing it first on the list for comments so the debate is wide open or is playing their usual games and bury it as quickly as it can. It’s also interesting what’s missing on the list. Where is consideration of the law enforcement concerns? Perhaps its hidden in some of the comments, but that’s certainly not clear. How about conflicts of interest? Or has ICANN decided it’s through discussing its revolving door to riches? At least ICANN has chosen some great spots to hold its next two meetings — Costa Rica and Prague. Nice gigs for those who can afford to travel to such wonderful places. One can only imagine what it costs ICANN to stage such events. With today’s technology (something ICANN presumably understands), one can’t help but question the wisdom or need for ICANN to spend so much money on meetings that could easily be held on line. But then again, ICANN has a lot of money so I guess it can do as it sees fit, particularly since no one seems to be overseeing how ICANN spends its millions.

Doug Wood, We Expert

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