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Interpol and ICANN

As anyone who follows the controversy over ICANN’s proposed introduction of countless new TLDs despite stakeholder objections knows, one of the constituencies that has significant concerns is law enforcement. So far, ICANN has given those concerns nothing more than lip service and has failed to adopt any of the protections requested. So it should not come as a surprise that ICANN has failed to post the letter it received on January 11, 2012 from INTERPOL, the famed international law enforcement agency with members in over 190 countries. You can read the letter here. So the question is simple to ICANN — why haven’t you posted the letter to the ICANN website so the entire community can read it? Or is the failure simply another example of the feigned transparency ICANN espouses? ICANN is now accepting applications for its irresponsible proposal and, regrettably, ignoring yet another constituency. How long will ICANN play its game? How long will those with the greatest risk from fraudsters be ignored?

Doug Wood, We Expert

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