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Waiting for net neutrality and CISA

After taking in over one million comments and complaints on it website, the Federal Communications Commission finally closed its website's message thread regarding net neutrality this past Friday. The agencyRead More

FCC website receives a million comments, tensions increase

The comments section of the FCC website has been open for well over a month now and was initially spurred into overdrive when comedian John Oliver's segment on net neutralityRead More

Citizen pressure on Internet freedom begins to yield results

The past few months have been absolutely integral when it comes to citizen action fueling the still-raging debate surrounding net neutrality and American Internet freedom. Inexplicably, the two subjects haveRead More

CISA bill advances in the Senate and raises concerns

The Cyber Security information Sharing Act has gotten plenty of press attention in the past handful of weeks for its strengths and weaknesses, and has raised many an eyebrow withRead More