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How important is social media in today's world?

Facebook is introducing an app that is meant for people with weak internet connections. Hopefully, it will be used to facilitate important discussions rather than pointless arguments. Facebook cares about usersRead More

The Internet is over

A Google executive said recently that the Internet will disappear. In his view, what we know and recognize as the Internet will cease to be. As technology continues to evolveRead More

What Charlie Hebdo has showed the world

Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French magazine that published cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, suffered an attack on its offices a few weeks ago. Now related events have shed light onRead More

Censors are now blocking VPN access in China

VPN providers are experiencing disruptions in their services which means the government's censorship techniques are becoming more advanced. Will this be bad for business? Chinese VPN providers suffer disruptions linked toRead More