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The true purpose of Russia's Internet kill-switch

The Kremlin may employ an Internet kill-switch to protect Russia from threats both foreign and domestic. Russian officials told the media last week that they were exploring ways that theyRead More

Apple security is good for consumers, but may irritate the government

Apple has been vigilant in driving home the message that its devices are secure and users are protected. The company recently updated security measures by adding two-factor authentication for its fileRead More

Pre-matrimonial investigators in demand due to Internet marriages in India

The Internet has been instrumental in bringing people together through the sharing of news, information and personal interests. In many cases, such as in the world of online dating, theRead More

Ethiopia uses telecom technology to violate the rights of its citizens

The Ethiopian government has been using telecom technology to monitor its citizens, journalists and social media activists in the country and internationally. According to Human Rights Watch, technology acquired fromRead More