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Internet freedom suffers in many countries including the United States

Internet freedom is being threatened in many countries around the world and the United States is among them. Internet freedom is still in jeopardy According to a report from the Freedom House,Read More

Demonstrations take place in London over new porno rules

Demonstrators stood outside Parliament in London last week in protest of new pornography regulations.New regulations banning certain acts in porno films Demonstrators gathered outside the Parliament building in London to showRead More

Do large tech companies really care?

Large tech companies like Facebook, Google and Apple have created products that are a part of everyday life for millions of people, but do those companies really care about customers? Tech giantRead More

A new report from the Freedom House shows online freedom is in jeopardy

An annual study from the Freedom House advocacy group shows that the U.S. has fallen behind in online freedom and privacy.Internet freedom in the US is declining According to U.S. News, theRead More