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Reddit found censoring more controversial topics in tech section

One of the most popular sections of the community social networking and news site, Reddit, has been demoted because it was found to be censoring certain topics within the forum.WhenRead More

China's online censorship efforts ramp up

Internet censors in China recently stepped up their crackdown on content they deem "inappropriate" online, jailing a Chinese blogger in the process.For many, the Internet has become a place whereRead More

NETmundial: Issues facing the future of Internet governance

A major worldwide Internet conference is set to begin in the coming months, as the state of Internet governance continues to come under greater scrutiny.One of the most impossible thingsRead More

Twitter actions and their real life consequences

Because it is so easy to send out a tweet, Twitter has fast become one of the most immediate forms of social media on the planet, but what does thisRead More