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Russian website is spying on people with webcams

A Russian website is accessing thousands of insecure webcams and spying on people. The site claims that its only intention is to educate people on the importance of web security.Read More

State Department and White House are victims of cyber attack

The U.S. State Department's email systems were hacked in recent weeks at the same time that the White House systems were breached.The State Department and White House systems hacked A seniorRead More

Facebook updates privacy policy to earn user trust

Facebook recently introduced its new privacy tool Privacy Basics to the social networking site. This tool shows users how to control what they would like to share on the siteRead More

China will censor foreign TV shows that stream on video sites

New Chinese broadcast rules are expected to delay foreign TV shows from streaming on Chinese sites so censors can review them.All foreign shows will now be censored in China The DailyRead More